Fish Named Fred - Spring / Summer 2019-2020

Mitchell McCabe has a full range of Fish Named Fred Sports Jackets and Shirts for the 2019 Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, Australia

We are always on the lookout for something new, different and fresh. Mitchell McCabe's success has come from being open to new brands and A Fish Named Fred is no exception.

Fred’s message is as simple as it is important; be proud and stand out. It comes from the brand's core belief that life is just too short to be average. 

With colourful and original designs, AFNF works hard to keep every collection fresh, sharp and impossible to miss out on. So who are those so-called Freds? 

Being a Fred is something of all ages, all occupations and all nationalities. Freds can be easily recognised due to their ability to turn nothing into something, grey into colourful and ordinary into legendary. With a Fred, you will never get bored. 

A fish named Fred was founded from the conviction that the world needed some extra colour and fun. Most fashion stores offer a select range of uniform looking brands. However, AFNF dares to jump out of the bowl to break the averageness amongst all. During the past 6 years, Fred has evolved into a globally recognised brand with customers in over 26 countries.

What started as a small brand for colourful and unique shirts has grown into a full-range fashion brand. Break out of the grey mass today, be proud and stand out! 

Mitchell McCabe is proud to be friends with A Fish Named Fred.