Original Weekend

Swim Shorts Made from Recycled Plastics

Original isn’t just in the name; it’s in our very essence. All our print designs and colours are exclusive to Original Weekend and hand-drawn from our studio in Melbourne. Ashley has designed the range to be versatile, ready to be taken from brunch to the beach, then to the bar.

Here are a couple of details that will help you when offering the range to customers. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


How are the shorts made from recycled plastics?

First post-consumer plastic bottles are collected, labels and caps are removed, and the bottle is broken back down into pellet form. The pellets are then melted and turned into polyester fibre. This fibre is then woven into the soft polyester fabric with quick-dry properties.


How should the shorts be cared for?

We recommend rinsing the shorts under cold water after washing; this will ensure superior colour fastness and keep them feeling fresher for longer. They are easy to maintain and can be washed on a cold, gentle cycle.

Washing with cold water saves energy, is gentler on your clothes, and is less harmful to the environment than warm/hot washes.


Where are Original Weekend clothes made?

Original Weekend works with factories who have the same sustainable ideals and universally recognised ethical accreditations.  


This means no child or forced labour, safe working conditions, collective bargaining rights, and no forced overtime for example. Our t-shirts are made in India, and our swim shorts are made in China.