Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash Black Label / 500ml

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YLF is a genuine ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ for modern life, with a pleasant, slightly medicinal hit on the nose, it is a wash for those with too little time and too much to get done. We asked ourselves - what should the perfect wash actually do, the answer, four things;

  1. It should cleanse the skin and if necessary the hair (without harsh chemicals); We use coconut and vegetable extracts, natural foaming agents combined with Kawakawa to provide a superb gentle cleanse.
  2. It should hydrate the skin; We utilize the smoothing and hydrating effects of Argan oil and Rosewood.
  3. It should smell great - but not be too strong or overpowering, because you are in
    the shower, not a car wash. The sweet combination of Neroli and Sandalwood delivers on this herbal, woody promise.
  4. It should be nutrient rich and cover the surface of your skin with essential oils and minerals – Nothing ensures this more than the combination of Argan oil, Rosewood oil, Kawakawa leaf and Green tea leaf extract.
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